PDF Lite Viewer

PDF Lite Viewer is a small Windows 10 keyboard driven reading application for PDF files. It is purely controlled by key presses, and can be used to read PDF files, page by page, in a window or full screen. See the bottom of this page to get an explanation as to why I built this.

When installing, you may get a Smart Screen message simply because as yet, its not digitally signed.

Open installation, it will run, and you will immediatly be prompted for to open a PDF file. Simply select one, and you should be presented with the file appearing in the applications window.

The first thing you should do is hit the F1 key to bring up the help screen so you can get to know the keys required to operate the application.

The rest is self explanatory. Be warned that there is no scroll or mouse support within the app, you have to use the keyboard.

The why

I had purchased a small portable computer, with a full keyboard called the GPD Pocket 2. This is a tiny computer, and I wanted to be able to read PDF books on the go, as a reference. With the small screen on this device, I wanted to be able to view the documents rotated, but none of the standard PDF viewers would work. For example, Edge’s PDF viewer would rotate the screen, but then scrolling did not work as you would expect as it would still scroll from top of the screen to the bottom, and when your holding the device in portrait, it made no sense.

So, I decided to create my own, and this is the result.